Making Sure Your Pet is Happy
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Making Sure Your Pet is Happy

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Making Sure Your Pet Is Happy

How to Choose a Vet for Your New Puppy

Leslie West

Getting a new puppy is really exciting, but there are many things you need to do to prepare. One of the most important things you need to do is to choose a vet practice for your puppy, and this guide aims to explain three things you should do when making your choice.

Ask Other Pet Owners for Recommendations

Talking to other pet owners in your area is a great idea for many reasons, and getting recommendations on veterinary services is one of the main ones. You might have friends with dogs in your area, or it might be a good idea to find an online group or space to chat with other dog owners. Ask about their experiences with their vet, whether they would recommend them and how they feel after appointments. If you're looking for a vet who specialises in your dog's breed, speak to other owners with the same or similar dog breeds, as they will be able to provide more personalised advice. However, you should remember that one bad experience is not a reason to avoid a certain vet, especially if their reviews and word-of-mouth are generally good.

Think about What Would Be Convenient in an Emergency

Emergencies are always upsetting and worrying, whether your puppy has hurt their leg or eaten a box of chocolates. Therefore, it's important to be prepared and feel confident about your vet. Find out what services your vet can provide in an emergency. Do they provide 24-hour emergency services, or will you be sent to another practice if an emergency happens at night or at a weekend? Do they have the facilities to operate, or to provide other emergency treatments? What are the costs if you have an emergency? How far away is the vet, and how quickly can you get your pet there? Think about the answers to all these questions, decide what you're comfortable with, and make a choice that helps you feel secure.

Visit Every Practice You're Considering

When you've chosen a few practices, it's time to visit them and get a feel for what they have to offer. Does the waiting room feel welcoming, and do the pets there seem happy? Are the receptionists friendly? Can you meet the vets, and if so, do they seem pleasant and knowledgeable? Ask lots of questions – PuppyToob has some good questions you might ask, such as how they do labs, what veterinary services they actually offer, how you'll pay, and what their facilities are like. You can then choose a practice that feels right to you.

By talking to other pet owners about their vet experiences, thinking about what would work for you in an emergency, and visiting vet practices to get a feel for their staff and services, you can make the right choice for you and your new pet.

For more information on veterinary service, contact a professional near you.