Making Sure Your Pet is Happy
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Making Sure Your Pet is Happy

There is no greater feeling than seeing your pet content and happy. On this blog, our number one aim is to provide you with all of the info and tools you need to make sure your pet is safe and happy. We will be looking at all kinds of different pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters. We will also look at more exotic pets such as snakes and tropical fish. Everything you read here is the result of hours of research by pet owners just like you. We aren't experts but we are guided by our love of animals.


Making Sure Your Pet Is Happy

  • An Unfortunate Feline Theft: How to Prevent Your Neighbours From Stealing Your Cat

    22 April 2019

    According to research, cats don't need their owners. And while that doesn't mean that your cat will just up and leave one day, it does mean that there is a higher likelihood of them being stolen. That's not to say that all cat thefts are intentional. If your cat takes a liking to a neighbour down the road, for example, that neighbour may not even realise the cat belongs to you.